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Through the years we've worked on a wide variety of different projects, all with different scopes, goals or technical requirements.

We're constantly refining our process to ensure that every step of the process is as efficient and thorough as possible.

Every one of our projects starts with a meeting to discover exactly what you'd like to achieve. We'll want to know the overall goal for the project to ensure every part of the final product pushes towards this goal, but we also need to know the steps you'd like users to take.

We need to understand your brand, what it represent and what it says, and any design inspiration you have - either from your existing materials or existing websites you like the look of.

Finally, we'll also need to know what strategies you're using to drive people to your website or platform - what marketing methods you'll be using (and don't worry - we can introduce you to some great people if you need help!).

Once that's taken care of, we should have a thorough brief and understanding of your project. Then comes the fun part.

Some of our latest projects

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Parker Oak

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Once we've got your brief, the first step is to create a proposal. Our proposals are 'discussion pieces' rather than set-in-stone quotes, due to the way we work. We'll break down every single part of the project into individual little tasks - for example for your website's header, that might be three tasks - coding the header, integrating it with the site's links and styling it to look great. 

Each of these tasks is assigned a 'story point' which is an indication of the work involved or difficulty of that particular task. This both helps us manage the project effectively, but is also allows you insight into exactly what work is involved in the project. 

From this point, we'll present the proposal to you, and at this point we can add or remove tasks as necessary to make sure it both fits your requirements, as well as fitting your budget. 

Once the proposal is signed-off on and the initial invoice is paid, we can move on to the production work.

To begin projects with design elements, our graphic designer will produce an initial prototype of the project which you’ll be able to access. This prototype will allow you to leave comments directly on the designs for any tweaks or changes, and we’ll work on this basis until the designs are signed-off and ready for production.

Once the designs are ready for production, we’ll move on to the coding phase, starting off by installing and configuring our DashCMS system, which allows for easy management of the content on your project - such as modifying the homepage or adding additional content pages. You’ll have complete control over adding, modifying or removing content on your project.

We will then start frameworking the project and integrating it with the CMS system and any additional integrations, so that content is pulled through. At the end of this phase we’ll be testing the setup to ensure it all works correctly.

After that stage we’ll style the project, matching the designs and ensuring the pages look great on desktop, tablet and mobile. Our in-house graphic designer will also review this to ensure good user experience.

Finally, we’ll install the project onto one of our dedicated servers, setting it up with a new SSL certificate (for the green padlock) and optimising it on Google’s lighthouse audit.

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Coded4 were very good at getting us to where we need to be and it basically allows us to stay in business.

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