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Why Coded4?

Why we do things the way we do

Coded4 was created out of a passion for learning.

Founder, Nathan Thomas, developed a love for coding at just seven years old and hasn’t stopped honing his craft since.

Working for other agencies, he learnt a lot about what clients wanted and realised that in a lot of cases, they just weren’t getting it. He decided to start an agency that would do development differently, and Coded4 was born.

Instead of selling cheap-as-chips sites that take a week to make and even less time to break, Coded4 create sites that are built from scratch and built to last.

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Every member of the Coded4 team loves a challenge. We genuinely get excited about the ground-breaking, the unique, the ‘I just don’t know if it can be done’ sites. Because why would anyone want to work in a company that delivers variations of the same basic-level websites day after day after day?

We love solving business problems with technology and working with you to save time, automate processes, help you earn more money or even earn money passively. And our desire to constantly learn new things and stay up to date with the latest cutting edge tech allows us to do that.

Yes, you’ll get asked dozens of questions so we can get it right. Yes, our sites take a little longer to build than the out-the-box sites. Yes, building a site from scratch is time-consuming. But once your new website is launched, has some proper marketing and starts getting results, you’ll see it was worth it.

And a year from now when it’s still working great?

You’ll understand exactly why we do things the way we do.

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Following on from the successful launch of the custom energy monitoring dashboard we produced for Bl...

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Working with Wylde Design Associates, we were tasked with rebuilding the Parker Oak website in a cos...

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Coded4 were very good at getting us to where we need to be and it basically allows us to stay in business.

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