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Parker Oak

Working with Wylde Design Associates, we were tasked with rebuilding the Parker Oak website in a cost-effective manner to ensure it's marketing effectiveness through good structural SEO and making it easy for the client to manage. 

The old Parker Oak website had previously been built in WordPress, with a page-builder being used to make up the structure of the site and a large amount of plugins to allow custom collections and sliders. 

This had the downside of causing a lot of the outputted code to be unorganised, needlessly nested and overall very slow. 

To rectify this, we were to rebuild the website from the ground up, and allow Wylde Design Associates to make some subtle design tweaks.

We chose to use JAM stack technologies to power this website, a modern approach to building static websites that allow for content updates just like dynamic websites. Stripping away the overhead of a database, and using a front-end powered CMS system this allows the website to be incredibly lightweight whilst still giving the same visual results - with very little overhead. 

This solved one of the first challenges - ensuring the website ran quickly. To make sure that the pages themselves were optimised, starting from scratch allowed us to rebuild the code in a way that minimised nested elements and allowed us to highlight things like headings to be more easily parsed by Google. 

Images were ran through a compression system that allowed them to retain their quality whilst stripping metadata to keep the filesize low and the website snappy. 

Finally, we worked with Martin at Wylde Design Associates to make a few design changes to really highlight the unique services that Parker Oak offer. 

The end result, is a beautiful website that is also super quick to load and has helped them get more traffic from organic search results. 

We're currently working with Wylde Design Associates to introduce an e-commerce aspect onto this website.

You can check out the Parker Oak website by clicking here

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