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Black Box Monitoring - Silos

Following on from the successful launch of the custom energy monitoring dashboard we produced for Blackbox Systems, we were approached to create another dashboard, but this time displaying silo fill levels. 

Whilst we could use a fair amount of the existing setup to achieve this, it did require a complete re-work of some of the calculations, as well as a completely different interface to present the information. 

We first started out designing some silo images that could be used, combined with some clever CSS code to visually display the fill level inside these graphics. This would show the current fill level 'at this moment in time', with historical data visible in the chart below. 

Where the previous energy monitoring dashboard showed data as cumulative values throughout the day, it was important for this platform to instead simply show values for the times requested. 

Once the dashboard was produced, we were once again integrating with the devices via FTP transfer, and showing all of this information on a filterable interface - giving the client the flexibility to get exactly the information they need, when they need it.

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