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Why should I use DashCMS?

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Rather than cluttering up the interface with hundreds of options you don't need, we've made DashCMS ridiculously simple to use.


If you're worried about breaking your website, don't be. There's nothing you can do in the CMS that will throw your site into meltdown.


As well as adding content to your website, you can use it to update web and mobile apps too. Complete control, wherever you are.


DashCMS is built on the back of some of the most advanced technology – the tech that powers the likes of Uber, Facebook and Netflix.


DashCMS V4 puts you in control. Want to add a gallery to your homepage? Done. Need to reorder everything? Easy.

Get more with Coded4

Adding new blog posts, updating images and changing your copy should be easy, and with our DashCMS it is. 

DashCMS is a content management system that we tailor to your business. Rather than having 50 different plug-ins to achieve what you need, we build in all the functionality and integration required for you to make your content changes and updates. 

And that's not all. As well as being customised to your business needs and completely bespoke, DashCMS comes with plenty of other benefits too…

And the best part?

It's absolutely free as part of your website package. So you can make unlimited content updates, without incurring additional costs. 

Just another fantastic reason to choose Coded4 as your web agency. 

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I actually plan to do a lot more work with Coded4 in the future to further advance what I can offer to my clients online & through my website - if you are looking for a website that is a notch above the usual website or with complex features, then I would definitely recommend Coded4.

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