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Looking for a fast, secure and reliable website that won't break the bank?

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Introducing DashBOX

Making a website yourself takes time, and using an agency can be expensive

That's why we've created DashBOX - Your website live within 48 hours


DashBOX is our out-of-the-box experience to help small businesses get the website they need from day 1. Produced using the same tech that powers some of the world's leading companies like Facebook, Netflix and Uber, your DashBOX website is built to grow with your business.


Your DashBOX website is built to modern standards, and comes with our guarantee of 90 or above scores on Google's Lighthouse Audit - why does that matter? Well it's built properly, is lightning fast and Google will love it.


And best of all? It comes with our powerful DashCMS system, which makes it ridiculously easy for you to add, manage and reorder entire sections of your website to best suit your needs.

View all starting templatesLet's get started!
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Starting Templates

Our starting templates give you a point to kick-off the creation of your website. Pick from our hand-built library and work with our design team to get it just the way you like.

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Fully Coded

We're not compromising on quality with DashBOX, so all of our DashBOX websites are built by hand and following all best-practice principles. We guarantee 90 or higher scores on Google's Lighthouse Audit.

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Easy to Use

It's super easy for you to make changes to your website, using the power of DashCMS you have complete control over the content of your site. Want to add a new page? Start selling products online? They're all just a click away.

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Device Friendly

Your DashBOX website is fully responsive, meaning it'll work on everything from the smallest smartphone to the latest wide-screen display. It's also scaleable for future requirements, such as a mobile app.

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