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Thursday, March 11th 2021

Phew! It's been a few years in the works now but we've finally gotten there - we finally have a website. 

Whenever I've been speaking with contacts and they've asked about our website, the response has always been along the line of "Builder's own roof" - it's so hard to work on your own assets. I think part of the difficulty comes from the level of perfection you're wanting to achieve, and the other half is containing all of the ideas you have and not allowing them to spill-over. 

We have tons of plans for this website, from a customer portal to allow for easy management of your website and ongoing SLA, to an automated budget-friendly website builder allowing small businesses to achieve great quality websites quickly and easily - but we've had to hold these back for now to focus on the core of the website itself. 

Hopefully in looking through our website, you can find enough information about who we are, how we work and the services that we provide. We're also going to be contributing to the blog, and learning resources to both help clients and visitors - and other developers. 

It'll be an interesting ride for the future now, but we hope you'll share the journey with us and hey, the next website we build will be even better than this one so why not give us a shout? ;) 

- Nathan

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Coded4 have taken our concept, very poorly described, and turned it into a product that has the opportunity to change people's businesses.

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